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Senior Solutions Team

Brad Hurshowy

IG Wealth Management

Financial Consultant


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Brad believes that in today’s increasingly complex financial marketplace, financial literacy is key to helping seniors make better financial decisions; and when seniors have access to the people and tools they need, they can improve their own personal finances!

As a financial pconsultant Brad and his team help people sort through and choose investments, insurance and other financial products. Brad also does retirement planning, education funding, estate planning and general investment analysis. 

Brad can provide seniors and their families with invaluable advice on money issues and more, to help them find the appropriate solution to their particular situation. Some of the questions he can address include: •What type of long-term care can I afford? • Will I outlive my assets? • How much are my assets worth? • Can I make my assets create more income to meet growing expenses? • What do I sell first? • What are all my options? • What is the cost of selling different assets? • Do I have to sell the house? • Are there other financing alternatives? • What impact will this have on my spouse and dependents? • Is it too late to do any estate planning? • What about inheritance issues?